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Use of High-Speed Rotating Nozzles on Pressure Washers

Use of High-Speed Rotating Nozzles on Pressure Washers

January 22, 2024

Spartan high-pressure washers can be used with optional high speed, rotating nozzles, (usually called turbo nozzles) for removal of difficult or heavy deposits, on surfaces or for any pressure cleaning tasks that does not respond well to normal pressure washing, (when more impact is needed.)

Spartan Manufacturing Corp. produces a range of size of high-speed, rotating nozzles, also known as turbo nozzles that are specifically designed to be highly effective for the conditions mentioned above. A standard pressure washer nozzle has small orifice in the center designed to produce a narrow stream of water (0° nozzle) or a few fan patterns (15° wide, 25°, wide, etc.). A turbo nozzle also uses a narrow stream (0°), but the exiting stream is not in the center. It is located off-center and spins at a high-speed. The spinning action creates a circular nozzle action that hits the surface hard in a round ring. This round ring creates much more impact than a standard nozzle, and has a substantial cutting action. For example, a turbo nozzle will easily cut out a large circular hole in a piece of wood. It will also cut through and remove a surface deposit much more effectively than a standard nozzle. A turbo nozzle, and a standard nozzle can easily be changed on the gun when needed.

If a turbo nozzle might benefit your application, call Spartan Manufacturing Corp. customer service at 336-996-5585 and get a specific information on your application. The representative can recommend a turbo nozzle size and configuration to best fit your needs.

Please also note that sometimes using a turbo nozzle will eliminate the need to purchase a larger pressure washer. This can be discussed with the customer service representative for great advice.

Spartan Manufacturing Corp. makes and stocks all types of turbo nozzles and can immediately ship what you need. Call 336-996-5585 Eastern time.