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Steam Cleaners Master Guide

Steam cleaning uses hot water to create a powerful wet steam vapor that easily penetrates and lifts dirt, oil, bacteria, and allergens from various materials. The high steam temperature does more than remove visible dirt. Its capacity to go beyond surface-level cleaning to kill germs and bacteria distinguishes it from other cleaning methods and equipment.

Spartan Manufacturing offers cutting-edge hot, high-pressure washers that double as exceptional steam cleaners! Our machines are meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled performance, making light work of even the toughest cleaning challenges. Our products also go above and beyond in providing a deeper level of cleanliness because of the added advantage of steam cleaning capabilities.

How Spartan Standard Steam Cleaners Work

Steam cleaners produce wet steam to clean and sanitize various surfaces. Wet steam is a combination of approximately 80% steam and 20% hot water particles. The steam sanitizes and melts oil and grease while hot water flushes away debris.

The steam cleaner consists of a water tank, high pressure pump, fuel burner, heating coil, hose, wand and trigger gun and control devices. The heating coil transfers heat from the fuel burner to the hot water. The wet steam is discharged at the high velocity through a specially designed nozzle onto the surface being cleaned.

Types of Steam Cleaners

Understanding the different types of steam cleaners can help you choose the most suitable option for your needs and application. Here are five of the most widely used equipment:

Handheld Steam Cleaners

Handheld steam cleaners are compact and portable devices that are easy to maneuver and operate. They are ideal for smaller areas such as assembly countertops or storage spaces. They also often come with various attachments such as brushes, nozzles, and extension hoses to target different surfaces and provide thorough cleaning.

Cylinder Steam Cleaners

Cylinder steam cleaners are larger and more powerful than handheld or mop variants. They have a larger water tank and longer steam hose, ideal for deep cleaning. They are also available with various attachments and accessories, such as brushes and nozzles.

Steam Vacuum Cleaners

Steam vacuum cleaners combine steam’s cleaning power with a vacuum cleaner’s suction capability. They also frequently include brushes and crevice tools for effective and complete cleaning.

Commercial Steam Cleaners

Commercial steam cleaners are designed for heavy-duty cleaning tasks in commercial settings, such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities. They handle large cleaning volumes and have high-capacity water tanks and powerful heating elements. Additionally, they often feature robust construction, durable components, and advanced deep cleaning and sanitization features.

Vapor Cleaners

Vapor cleaners produce a dry steam vapor that is highly effective in cleaning and sanitizing various surfaces.

Steam Cleaning vs. Traditional Cleaning

When comparing steam cleaning to traditional cleaning methods, there are several notable differences in effectiveness, efficiency, and environmental impact. Steam cleaning utilizes high-temperature steam to clean and sanitize surfaces. On the other hand, traditional cleaning typically involves using cleaning agents, water, and physical scrubbing.

One significant advantage of steam cleaning is its ability to effectively kill bacteria, germs, and allergens without other chemical cleaners. The high temperature is often sufficient to disinfect surfaces, making it a safer and healthier option, especially for tightly controlled projects vulnerable to chemical exposure. In addition, this method can penetrate porous surfaces and crevices more effectively.

Conversely, traditional cleaning methods often rely on cleaning agents and physical scrubbing to remove dirt and stains. While effective in many cases, these cleaning agents may contain chemicals that can harm human health and the environment. They may also leave behind residues that require rinsing or wiping, adding extra steps to the cleaning process and potentially compromising sensitive equipment.

Factors To Consider When Selecting a Steam Cleaner

When choosing a steam cleaner, several factors must be considered to ensure they select the right one for their cleaning needs. Here are the top considerations to keep in mind:

Power and Steam Pressure

Power is the equipment’s wattage or electrical input, whereas steam pressure quantifies the force with which steam is discharged from the cleaner. A steam cleaner with moderate power and pressure may be sufficient for light cleaning. However, it is best to choose one with more power and steam pressure for heavy-duty applications.

Water Tank Capacity

Spartan Steam cleaners normally do not use water tanks. The water is supplied continuously through an external water hose which is connected to a municipal water supply or a water well.

Heating Time

The equipment’s heating time sets how quickly it can generate steam and be ready for usage. Faster heating times allow them to reach the appropriate temperature for steam output in less time. Meanwhile, bigger or more powerful cleaners may take a little longer to heat up due to the larger capacity and higher wattage.

Cord Length and Mobility

Cord length establishes how far the equipment can reach from the power outlet. A longer cord provides greater freedom of movement and eliminates frequent unplugging and replugging. It also allows users to navigate larger areas without constantly searching for a new power source. With an ample cord length, cleaning tasks can be completed efficiently and conveniently, saving time and effort.

On the other hand, mobility refers to the equipment’s ease of maneuverability. A steam cleaner with good mobility features allows for effortless movement and access to tight spaces and corners. This ensures thorough cleaning in hard-to-reach areas, leaving no space untouched.

Safety Features and Accessories

Safety features help protect the user and prevent potential accidents or damage. For example, an auto shut-off feature automatically turns off the equipment when left idle for a specific period. This measure prevents overheating, reduces the risk of accidents, and prolongs the cleaner’s life. Another is a safety cap to ensure the steam is contained within the unit.

Other examples of safety features are as follows:

  • Brush attachments
  • Different nozzles
  • Extension tubes
  • Indicator lights
  • Insulated handle
  • Overheat protection
  • Pressure and temperature controls
  • Squeegee attachment
  • Steam lock

Budget Considerations

Steam cleaners come in a wide price range, from affordable alternatives to high-end models. Therefore, it is essential to establish a budget range before starting the search to narrow down the options. Determine which features are necessary and worth the investment for specific cleaning tasks. It is also important to balance desired features and the budget available.

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