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Guide: Hot Water Pressure Washers

Super Fury Series

A pressure washer is a supremely helpful tool for heavy-duty industrial and commercial cleaning applications. Cold water pressure washers depend on water pressure and cleaning detergents to remove dirt. Hot water pressure washers, however, also contain a water heater with temperature controls so that the water for the pressurized spray heats to a temperature conducive to dissolving grease and oil quickly and efficiently while killing bacteria and viruses. This guide will help clarify when an industrial hot water pressure washer from Spartan Manufacturing Corporation is right for your cleaning job.

How Do Hot Water Pressure Washers Work?

Hot water pressure washers consist of a high-pressure plunger pump, an unloader valve for pressure management, tubing, a constrictor nozzle, and a means of generating hot water. The pump creates the rated water flow while the heater uses a separate energy source to heat water to the desired temperature. The combustion of natural gas, butane, propane, kerosene, or diesel within a fuel-fired burner or an electric heater warms a cylindrical coil inside the heating component. As water flows through the tubular coil, the temperature rises to the needed degree. The system forces hot, pressurized water out of the nozzle when the bypass valve closes, removing dirt, grime, and caked-on deposits from surfaces.

hot water pressure washer

The high temperature of the water coupled with particle agitation facilitates the breakdown of oil or dirt with or without the addition of detergents and cleansers. The heat and pressure break apart the bonds within oil and grease molecules to dissolve them. Users can also rid surfaces of algae, bacteria, and other encrustations more effectively with hot water than cold.

For greater versatility, hot water pressure washer models are available with a wide array of options. Some will automatically start the pressure-washing process or shut down based on a timer component after a certain period of use. To accomplish household or large-volume washings, these washers come in various sizes and mounting capabilities, as well as transportable and stationary options.

Benefits of Hot Water Pressure Washers

While cold water is better for cleaning surfaces that can warp under high temperatures, such as plastic or wood, hot water is more effective at removing stubborn stains. A hot water industrial or hot water commercial pressure washer can remove not only the dirt, mud, deposits, and scale that its cold-water counterpart can, but it has the ability to soften and dissolve oil, grease, and grime. The hot temperature of the water increases the speed of water molecules while lowering surface tension, enabling the water to loosen and dissolve grime and stains. Unlike cold water, hot water has the capability to kill listeria, bacteria, and viruses on surfaces for sanitization applications.

Hot water pressure washers also have advantageous versatility for varied uses. In cold weather climates, water lines are more apt to freeze, so hot water pressure washers can be an ideal option as they can heat water up to 200º F. Hot high-pressure washers from Spartan Manufacturing Corporation can also function as steam cleaners, which achieve a mix of heated water and vapor at a higher temperature. The steam increases speed and efficiency while cleaning greater amounts of oil.  

Applications for Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hot water pressure washers are the ideal tool for almost any application requiring deep sanitation or the removal of oily, stuck-on dirt. Various industries such as automotive or trucking, construction, food service, general manufacturing, and oil and gas rely on the cleaning power of heated water. These industrial sectors typically use hot water pressure washers for applications including:

  • General cleaning. An endless array of industries can use these pressure washers simply for removing caked-on dirt, grease, grime, and oil from buildings, machinery, and surfaces.
  • Sanitation. Hot water kills bacteria and viruses on surfaces, which is particularly useful in food and pharmaceutical applications. 
  • Cleaning with deionized water. Deionized water achieves a deep clean by removing surface molecules from metal, with applications in pharmaceuticals, nuclear energy, and specialized government applications.
  • Metal preparation. Used in phosphatizing, a treatment to prepare metal surfaces for a paint or powder coating to allow proper adhesion, specially designed hot water pressure washers can apply the chemicals that carry out the process for any metal product.
  • Maintenance. Eliminating grease buildup from industrial machinery surfaces makes equipment maintenance and repair easier for technicians.
  • Vehicle cleaning. Pressure washers can dispel road film, a hard-to-remove layer of grime that forms on trucks and other vehicles because of air friction.
  • Corrosive or hazardous atmospheres. Hot Water Pressure Washers can be used in explosive or flammable gases or flammable fine dust if they are specially designed and labeled for explosion-proof.  Spartan Mfg. Corp. offers explosion-proof designs as custom models.  Hot Water Pressure Washers can also be used in corrosive environments such as saltwater, harsh chemicals, bad weather, etc. if custom-designed by Spartan Mfg. Corp. for the specific environment.  Another challenge for industrial hot water pressure washers is to be used in industrial buildings with inadequate ventilation (which causes combustion safety problems).  Spartan Mfg. pressure washers can be custom designed to handle this problem.  For information on hot water pressure washers to be used in any of the above applications, contact Spartan Mfg. Corp. customer service and take advantage of our 45 years of engineering expertise.

Spartan Manufacturing Offers Top-of-the-Line Hot Water Pressure Washers

Spartan Manufacturing Corporation supplies various state-of-the-art industrial and commercial pressure washer types, including:

  •     Mobile
  •     Stationary
  •     Hot
  •     Cold
  •     Steam
  •     Deionized (DI) water
  •     Central systems

We offer multiple options for energy sources and fuels. Our custom-designed cleaning systems utilize an electric, gasoline, propane, diesel, hydraulic, or air motor. To heat the water, our systems may use:

  •     Propane
  •     Butane
  •     Natural gas
  •     Kerosene
  •     Diesel
  •     Electricity
  •     Plant steam

Spartan Manufacturing Corporation also has a uniquely designed wastewater-capture system to help customers comply with EPA regulations for wastewater treatment.

To assist our international customers, we can supply pressure washers for power supplies of 50 Hz, 600 V, DC power, and more. Our customization capabilities have allowed us to successfully design pressure washers with pressures of up to 10000 PSI (more than 100 hp) and flow rates of up to 100 GPM. Spartan Manufacturing Corporation has several product lines available.

Tempest Series

Portable hot water pressure washers from the Tempest series are equipped with high-efficiency flame retention burners powered with diesel fuel, fuel oil, kerosene, or jet fuel. These rugged models are suited to contractor and challenging industrial applications. We offer a total of eight standard models with three gasoline-engine-driven and five electric-motor-driven options, ranging from 1000 PSI to 4000 PSI.

Fury Series

Fury Series

The Fury series of hot water pressure washers use butane or propane fuel to produce hot, high-pressure water up to 200º F or wet steam up to 300º F. Models in this series are easy for users to transport, have built-in safety features, and function from 750 PSI to 2000 PSI for medium- to heavy-duty pressure washing or steam cleaning. Our four models, two 110 V-120 VAC and two 220-240 VAC, use single-phase electric power for applications in food service and processing facilities, industrial plants, and various commercial businesses.

Super Fury Series

We designed our mobile Super Fury series to effectively handle the most difficult of pressure washing projects (steam optional). Suited to challenging industrial and contractor applications, this series uses clean-burning propane or butane fuel. There are six standard models, three with electric motor drives and three with electric-start propane- or gasoline-fueled engines, that range from 2000 PSI up to 4000 PSI.

Big Blast Series

Big Blast series hot water pressure washers are stationary units for commercial or manufacturing facilities that we have designed to handle rugged and demanding applications. With eight natural gas- or propane-fired choices and eight oil-fired options, our 16 standard models can use propane, natural gas, kerosene, diesel fuel, heating oil, or jet fuel to reach pressures from 1000 PSI to 4000 PSI. 

Partner With the Spartan Manufacturing Team

When it comes to hot water pressure washers, our Spartan Manufacturing Corporation personnel are experts. We offer over 45 years of experience, superior customer service, and a wide range of available product offerings that typically ship within 24 hours. Our team carries out the assembly, manufacturing, and testing of our products in our modern facility near Greensboro, North Carolina, for industry use both domestically and internationally. We also offer rebuilding, consulting, and designing services to better serve our customers. 

We believe in high standards of quality and service, and so Spartan Manufacturing Corporation products come with not only a comprehensive lifetime quality guarantee, but also our assurance that we will be able to provide replacement parts if needed for at least the first 10 years after a product’s manufacture.

Contact us today to discuss your pressure washing needs or to learn more about our catalog. If you’re having difficulty finding a system for your application, one of our expert sales representatives will be happy to assist you.