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Pressure Washer Wastewater Capture and Disposal

Pressure Washer Wastewater Capture and Disposal

January 29, 2024

Efficient cleaning of equipment, buildings, production areas and outdoor paved surfaces to remove all grease, dirt and grime can be accomplished with a hot water or cold water pressure washer. However, there is one challenge that must be handled properly. This challenge is the containment and capture of the wastewater from pressure washing, either inside or outside of buildings. The contaminants contained in the wastewater will cause environmental harm by polluting, creeks and rivers, as well as the ground itself if not dealt with properly. Inside buildings, wastewater must be controlled and captured to prevent flooding. Outdoors, wastewater must be captured and discharged into sanitary sewers to take it to the wastewater treatment plants.

The ideal way to capture wastewater inside or outside, is with a unique system developed and manufactured by Spartan Manufacturing Corporation called Vacu-Boom. The vacuum uses a flexible tube about 5 inches in diameter. The boom (tube) is shaped like the letter ā€œCā€ with the open side down on the floor or ground. The boom is connected to a portable wet vac unit. The water is drawn from the boom and discharged either into a sanitary sewer drain or a small holding tank for subsequent treatment or disposal.

Wastewater captured locally by end users of pressure washing equipment in or around their facility can usually be discharged into an existing sanitary sewer drain. However, professional pressure washer contractors must usually put the wastewater into a small holding tank for subsequent transport to a municipal wastewater/sewage treatment plant. CAUTION: Local laws in hundreds of cities and states govern acceptable disposal procedure and should be checked out locally.

Vacu-Boom system information will be found on the manufacturers website. For additional product information see or call Spartan Manufacturing Corp. customer service at 336-996-5585 Eastern time.