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The Ins & Outs of Instantaneous Demand Water Heaters

The Ins & Outs of Instantaneous Demand Water Heaters

March 30, 2022

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Instantaneous demand water heaters are invaluable tools for quickly and reliably supplying your facility or field location with heated and pressurized water for dissolving and removing oil, grease, and grime with a pressure washer or providing hot water for the manufacturing process such as rapidly filling large tanks (example 1000 or more gallon) tanks. Spartan Mfg. Corp. can provide either standard or custom demand heaters for these purposes.

Instantaneous-Demand Water Heaters

Proline Demand Heater Modules

Our instantaneous demand units include an in-unit heating system and pull their water supply from an external source like a hose, a building pipe, or an external pump system at standard pressure levels ranging from 40 to 80 psi. As the water passes through the instant on-demand heating unit, the continuous flow of water is instantly heated.  The unit then transfers the now heated water to the point of use without storing or pressurizing any of the water.

The heater includes controls that can be manually operated and are powered by an electrical power supply. Operators can manually turn the heater on and off, and the unit also includes an internal flow switch that powers the heater on and off in response to a registered flow rate. While the controls use electrical power, the heater itself uses natural gas, butane, kerosene, oil, or propane.

Storage Type Water Heaters

Water heaters fall into two categories – Instantaneous Demand and storage type.  The most commonly known storage heater applications are in homes where water is stored and electrically heated in small tanks for domestic hot water use.  Storage water heating can be also be used in industrial applications, particularly in certain pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemical industries.  These are sophisticated applications.  Contact Spartan mfg. Corp. Customer service for engineering advice.

Applications for Instantaneous Demand Water Heaters

Instant demand water heaters are commonly used for the following applications:

Pairing With a Pressure Washer

Commercial cleaning organizations and individual operators may currently have a cold-water pressure washer but find themselves needing hot water for various applications. An instantaneous demand water heater can quickly heat and supply water to the pressure washer inlet. The two pieces of equipment work in tandem to supply the user with heated, pressurized water.

Industrial Applications

Industries like pharmaceuticals and chemical processing or manufacturing need high volumes of heated water on demand. Instantaneous demand water heaters can heat and supply a continuous volume of water to fill tanks and process vessels. In these situations, instantaneous demand heaters are more energy-efficient than storing large volumes of water at temperature for intermittent use. At Spartan Manufacturing, we provide standard heater modules and custom system options.

Trusted High-Pressure Water Heaters From Spartan Manufacturing

Spartan Manufacturing is a leading provider of specialty heating and washing equipment solutions. Our team of engineering and design experts is experienced in meeting the needs of commercial and industrial clients with unique high-pressure and high-temperature requirements for cleaning tools. We provide high-pressure washers for use in the following applications:

  • Military and commercial airports that need high-pressure washers that use jet fuel
  • Outdoor cooling towers for commercial building air conditioning systems. Our high-pressure washers can remove dirt, algae, and buildup from the HVAC unit fins.
  • Continuous cleaning of conveyor systems for manufacturing facilities that need to ensure high hygienic or sanitary standards to mitigate cross-contamination risks

We also specialize in designing and building high-pressure washing systems that handle large volumes of water. Our pressure units can provide flow rates of 100 GPM and higher, pressures of 10,000 psi and higher, and 100 horsepower.

Contact Us Today for Standard and Custom Demand Heaters & High-Pressure Washers

We specialize in creating high-quality water heater solutions. High-pressure and instantaneous demand water heaters provide reliable supplies of water for cleaning, processing, manufacturing, and more. Our capabilities include custom-designed solutions, standard water heater units, and more. Contact us today to learn about our design process, inventory of commercial and industrial units, and our team’s experience in the industry. You can also request a quote to start your order.