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Benefits of Hot & Cold Pressure Washers

Benefits of Hot & Cold Pressure Washers

May 19, 2022

Pressure washers operate using a gas or electric motor that powers a pump to eject high-pressured water. Pressure washers can be used for a wide range of applications and are available in either hot or cold water varieties. Both types of pressure washers are equipped with a high-pressure plunger pump for water delivery, an unloader valve that can regulate the pressure, an attached power source, and water piping valves. The key difference between a hot and cold water pressure washer is that hot water pressure washers include a water heater and controls to control the temperature. While they function similarly, the heat difference between the two types of pressure washers makes each one better suited for different applications.

Big Foot Series

Cold Water Pressure Washer Benefits

Cold pressure washers can clear away deposits of dirt, scale, and mud, while heated units can also remove oil-based surface contaminants. If you are dealing with dirt, mud, and scale buildup on surfaces, cold water units are a cost-effective, lighter, and simpler solution. Cold water is also gentler on surfaces such as wood decks, plastic siding, and vehicle surfaces that can become distorted when exposed to heated water. For a more powerful clean, adding a detergent solution through a chemical injector system can boost your pressure washer’s capabilities without the complications of hot water. 

Spartan Manufacturing’s cold water pressure washers are all equipped with chemical injector systems and include the Aggressor series and Bigfoot series for commercial or industrial applications.

Hot Water Pressure Washer Benefits

Tempest Line

Hot water pressure washers can clear away grease, oils, and grime, giving heated pressure washers more capabilities than a simple cold water unit. Along with clearing away visible muck, dirt, and grime, hot water pressure washers can sanitize surfaces and reliably kill both viruses and bacteria, making these units an excellent choice for commercial and industrial food preparation facilities that want to ensure sanitary conditions.

Hot water pressure washers from Spartan Manufacturing have the added capability of doubling as a steam cleaner. Our dual-capability units have a high-temperature setting that heats water to the point of vaporization, creating steam for sanitizing surfaces. With high-powered hot water units, you can quickly clean surfaces, equipment, and food preparation spaces with the additional deep cleaning power provided by hot water and steam. We offer units rated for performance in food-grade steam cleaning and sanitation.

Along with these key benefits, hot water pressure washers are preferable in low-temperature environments that are susceptible to freezing water lines.

Our hot water pressure washers include the Tempest series, Big Blast series, Fury series, and Super Fury series.

Trusted Hot and Cold Water Pressure Washer Providers

At Spartan Manufacturing, we provide clients across all fifty states and international clients with reliable, high-powered pressure washer units. Along with complete cold water and hot water units, we also develop and supply OEM components, custom design services, and consulting. Creating high-quality products that fit the unique needs of our clients is our top priority, and Spartan Manufacturing is a leading provider of pressure washer technology and innovations that meet or exceed the needs of regulated commercial and industrial applications.

We provide a diverse array of industrial and commercial pressure washers for facilities and businesses across every industry, including:

  • Mobile and stationary pressure washer options
  • Cold water pressure washers
  • Hot water pressure washers
  • Steam washer units
  • Pressure washers with multiple fuel and energy options
  • Centralized pressure washer systems
  • Custom-designed units

Choose Your Pressure Washer From Spartan Manufacturing

Cold water pressure washers are cost-effective, compact solutions for cleaning surfaces with dirt, scale, and mud. Hot water pressure washers have expanded capabilities and can clean away grime, grease, and oil, as well as provide vapor and steam cleaning for foodservice industries. Browse our inventory to find the right unit for your organization or contact us to create a custom-designed pressure washer.