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How Do Propane Pressure Washers Work?

How Do Propane Pressure Washers Work?

March 2, 2023

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Pressure washers are essential and multipurpose equipment that may assist with various tasks, ranging from small commercial projects to large industrial operations. This powerful gear is an excellent investment for major commercial and industrial groups requiring robust, high-quality cleaning equipment.

How Do Propane Pressure Washers Work?

High Pressure washers of all types represent a special class of equipment that is extremely useful in a wide range of industrial and commercial cleaning and sanitation tasks.  The two types of pressure washers are those that produce hot water or steam and the other produces cold pressurized water.

Both hot and cold water types pressurize a flow of water from an external water supply system or water storage vessel such as a water tank.  The pressure washers all use an electric motor or engine driven pump to pressurize the water and cause it to flow through the machine and on to the target to be cleaned.  Both cold and hot washers use a special type of nozzle to convert the pressurized water into a fan pattern steam.

Propane pressure washers utilize propane or butane fuel to heat the water.  Other types of pressure washers heat the water with oil, natural gas or electricity.

Propane pressure washers can also be used to produce steam for applications that benefit from cleaning with higher temperatures such as sanitation and bacterial kill.

In addition to the use of propane to heat the water, Spartan Manufacturing also has two models, Super Fury II GA-P and Super Fury III GA-P that are equipped with propane fueled engines to drive the high pressure pumps.

Pressure Washer Buying Considerations

Here are a few things to consider if you’re buying a hot water pressure washer.


Pressure washers are available in both stationary and mobile configuration. Hot and cold water pressure washers weigh between 200 and 500 pounds. Thus, it is important to consider storage and product transportation modes before acquisition.

Fuel Type

The fuel type such as gas or oil you select may depend on your existing availability. Pressure washers may also be powered by electricity.

Mobile vs. Stationary

A mobile pressure washer is on wheels and can be easily moved around where work needs to be done.  A stationary pressure washer is built on a rigid frame that stays in one place.  Both types can be hot, cold or steam.

Water Pressure in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI)

A higher PSI allows more aggressive cleaning but is also prone to damaging surfaces. Moreover, the PSI is determined by the orifice size in the nozzle.

Flow Rate in Gallons per Minute (GPM):

Flow rate (GPM) is the volume of water used in a pressure washer.  The GPM needed is determined by the size of the area to be cleaned, what is being removed and the cleaning speed needed to carry away the contaminants.  Larger GPM ratings are usually found in stationary pressure washers and smaller GPM ratings are more commonly used with mobile pressure washers.

Benefits of Using Propane Pressure Washers

Propane pressure washers clean surfaces with pressurized water that may be heated up to 200 °F. They are designed to remove oil and grease on a molecular level, effectively eliminating bacteria, algae, and dirt. In addition, because hot water contains fast-moving particles, the molecules spread apart, making it easier to expand and eradicate a stain.

Hot water can also swiftly cut through grease and kill germs and microorganisms. Thus, these washers are often better in cold-weather locations where water lines may freeze.

Propane Pressure Washer Applications

Here are the common uses of propane pressure washers:

General Cleaning

Pressure washing is suitable for cleaning the surfaces of buildings, equipment, and interior components. While cold-water pressure washers effectively remove dirt, a propane pressure washer accomplishes this better with grime-removal capabilities.


Germs and viruses like listeria are destroyed by hot vapor and pressured water. As a result, these systems are frequently utilized in food handling and processing operations and pharmaceutical business to ensure consumer safety.

Industrial Maintenance

Maintaining, fixing, or cleaning components or equipment is easier with a propane steam cleaner or pressure washer due to the versatility, small size, and capability to sanitize.

Metal Preparation

Pressure washers are widely used to prepare metal surfaces to receive paint and coatings by cleaning and applying phosphating chemicals.

Spartan Manufacturing’s Propane Pressure Washer Solutions

Choosing and utilizing a pressure washer does not have to be a daunting task. Understanding how it works, its advantages, and where it may be used is essential for a successful and safe power-washing experience.

If you are still determining which pressure washer to buy, always check with experts that can help you decide. Here at

At Spartan Manufacturing Corporation, you can rely on us to provide expert advice on the best pressure washer for your application! Reach out to us today, and we will be happy to assist you.