Spartan Manufacturing Corporation has the unique ability to offer custom pressre washers equipment solutions for a wide range of special needs in the areas of industrial/commercial pressure washing, power washing, steam cleaning, demand water heating, and water jet cleaning.

We have over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing top quality industrial and commercial pressure cleaning equipment, steam cleaning equipment and hot water heating systems for major corporations worldwide. Our application engineering staff welcomes the opportunity to advise and assist you concerning your special requirements.

Due to our wealth of experience and knowledge concerning general industrial processes, techniques and systems, we can usually analyze special requirements quickly and accurately. Once we understand your needs, we can offer quotations and proposals for custom equipment to fit your exact requirements. Since we manufacture a wide range of standard equipment, we can usually offer custom solutions with no significant price penalty. This is done by using different combinations of sub-assemblies and sub systems normally used in our standard equipment. Many times we can do this with simple modifications of standard models.

Our goal is to always advise and offer our prospective customers the most effective and economical ways to satisfy special requirements. In the rare instances where we cannot directly offer a proposal, we can usually offer advice on where to go for further assistance and/or alternate technologies that might apply.

Here is a partial list of special types of pressure washers/steam cleaner that we have previously handled:

  • Units with custom combinations of flow rates (GPM) and pressures (PSI)
  • Explosion Proof (hazardous duty) cold water units
  • Hot High-Pressure units using plant steam as the energy source
  • Explosion Proof units with water heated by plant steam
  • All Electric hot water units
  • Hydraulic Motor Driven units
  • Pneumatic (air) Motor Driven units
  • Power units (Pressure Pumping units) to supply remote nozzles or cleaning heads
  • Production Line Cleaning System, Automatic Control units
  • Modular units
  • Central Systems
  • Corrosion Resistant (acids, saline or DI water) units
  • Units needing special power supplies – 200V, 208V, 575V, 50Hz., etc.
  • Units powered by Jet fuel
  • Power Plant Condenser Coil Cleaning systems
  • Flow Rates Greater than 10 GPM
  • Pressures Greater than 5000 PSI

Here is a partial list of special design considerations frequently encountered:

  • Multiple Guns/multiple operators
  • Interfacing with customers control systems
  • Handling reprocessed or contaminated water supplied to pressure washer
  • Negative pressure environments affecting equipment exhaust
  • Tank Feed and/or Suction Lift or booster pump needs
  • Extreme Duty Cycles critical applications – 24/7 operation
  • Stainless steel heating coils
  • Manual or automatic chemical injection controls
  • Remote Controls/remote stations
  • Phosphatizing or acid injection
  • Special inline filtration for incoming water
  • 50Hz and foreign power supply voltages
  • Cleaning parts on production conveyors
  • Pressure washers with pre-heated hot water feed
  • Industrial hot water systems-Demand or Demand/storage combinations
  • Hot boxes for use with cold pressure washers
  • Aircraft washing systems
  • Boat hull cleaning
  • Multiple chemical feeds
  • Snow and Ice melting
  • Retrofits/upgrades to existing equipment
  • Development projects – new applications requiring previously unproven technology