Stationary Natural Gas and Propane Fired


Stationary Pressure Washers

Natural Gas – Propane

For state of the art technology, rugged design and superior performance for many years look to Big Blast Series. These machines are stationary, free standing cabinet style units available with performance ratings from 2-10 GPM (7.6+-37.9 LPM) and 1000-4000 PSI (69-276 bar). If necessary, they can be centrally located and connected with piping/hoses to remote cleaning stations. If needed, they can be optionally equipped to handle multiple guns with varying duty cycles. They are rugged industrial grade machines designed for performance, reliability, durability and long life under the most demanding continuous duty steam cleaning/hot pressure washing applications.Stationary Pressure Washers

Big Blast Series gas fired models are available for operation on natural gas or propane (butane). These units utilize advanced automatic electric DSI ignition systems and sophisticated redundant design safety features. Equipped with multi-orifice ring burners, schedule 80 heating coils and precise draft controls, these units are efficient and reliable. Premium features and components are used throughout and all units are thoroughly factory tested and documented before shipment for easy installation and trouble free start up. For additional information, go to Big Blast Series.