Big Foot Engine Driven Series

Bigfoot Engine Driven Cold High Pressure Washers


Rugged Pressure Washers

These machines are not homeowner or light duty contractor models as commonly found in retail outlets. They are rugged industrial grade units perfectly suited to the most demanding industrial, commercial and contractor applications. All components are premium heavy duty for reliability and long life.

6 Standard Models: Gasoline Engine Driven or Propane Engine Driven

The Bigfoot Engine Driven series machines are compact and mobile yet powerful cold water engine driven high pressure washers. Five models are available ranging from 2000 PSI (137.9 bar) to 5000 PSI (344.75 bar). Four models are powered by efficient OHV gasoline engines with the 5000 PSI model available with a propane engine.

Cold water high pressure washers are best suited to applications involving the removal of dirt and grime which does not contain substantial amounts of grease or oil. Also, removal of hard deposits benefits from the blasting and cutting effect of high pressure cold water. With the aid of detergent chemical, cold pressure washers can be used for the removal of dirt and grime containing small to moderate amounts of oil and grease. For the purpose, all Bigfoot models are standard equipped with easy to use detergent chemical injection systems. For removing heavy amounts of oil and grease or for softening heat reactive substances, it is usually best to use hot high pressure or steam. See Fury Series, Super Fury Series, Tempest Series or Big Blast Series.

Ruggedly built for the toughest industrial and commercial applications. Compact, easy to use design. Powerful performance and wide ranging versatility.

Standard Features:

  • Triplex ceramic plunger oil bath pumps
  • Direct drive eliminates belts and pulleys, increases efficiency, and reduces maintenance and fuel consumption by 30%. Belt drive optionally available. Some models standard with belt drive.
  • Heavy duty industrial grade engines
  • Automatic thermal pump protection system
  • Chemical injection system is wand controlled for alkaline cleaning solutions
  • Trigger gun wand with 25 foot high pressure hose (longer lengths optional)
  • Inlet water filter
  • Glycerine filled high pressure gauge
  • 10″ diameter full pneumatic tires
  • Compact design for maximum mobility and removable handles for vehicular transport
  • 12 volt engine starting system including battery (Model V)
  • Complete set of nozzles, 0, 15, 25, and 40 degrees
  • Quick disconnect hose couplers
  • Extra strong, double steel, braided pressure hose with hydraulically crimped fittings and quick couplers
  • Extra heavy steel frame and vibration isolation system designed to withstand severe use and to provide long service
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant powder coating finish on all metal parts

Options Available:

  • Extra Length pressure hose assembly with quick couplers
  • High speed rotating nozzle
  • Wet sandblast system
  • Acid application/system
  • Alternate PSI and GPM ratings
  • Multiple gun capabilities
  • Hose reel
  • Alternate brand engines
  • Propane engine available on Model V

See Product Options for more information.