Aggressor Series

Aggressor Electric Motor Driven Cold Pressure Washer

Hydraulic Pressure Washers


2 Standard Models

If your cold pressure washer washing application can be handled with lower pressure and flows and/or your power supply is limited to 110 to 120 volts, or your budget is limited, the Aggressor series may serve your needs.

Even though the Aggressor series machines have lower flow and pressure outputs, make no mistake. We manufacture rugged industrial grade machines just like larger higher performance units. They are reliable, durable and long lasting.

The Aggressor series models are frequently used in the industrial and commercial cleaning environments for vehicle washing, concrete surfaces and other light or moderate tasks. They can easily be wall mounted or take up little floor space when used or stored.

Cold water high-pressure washers are best suited to applications involving the removal of dirt and grime which does not contain a substantial amount of grease or oil. Also, removal of hard deposits benefits from the blasting and cutting effect of high-pressure cold water. Cold pressure washers remove of dirt and grime containing small to moderate amounts of oil and grease, with the aid of detergent chemical. All Bigfoot models are hence standard equipped with easy to use detergent chemical injection systems. For removing heavy amounts of oil and grease or for softening heat reactive substances, it is usually best to use hot high pressure/steam. See Fury Series, Super Fury Series, Tempest Series or Big Blast Series.

Standard Features:

  • Wash/rinse cycles controlled at the wand
  • Automatic detergent injection system
  • Triplex plunger pump requires minimum maintenance
  • Heavy duty steel cover will not crack, break or deform from heat
  • 10″ semi-pneumatic wheels with balanced handle and base plate design allow extreme ease of movement with a feather touch
  • Instantaneous on/off flow control with rugged easy grip trigger gun
  • 25 feet of 3/8″, double braided pressure hose
  • Quick disconnect on pressure hose for easy transport and storage of the unit
  • Corrosion-resistant, oven-baked powder coating finish
  • Maintenance free design
  • Automatic thermal pump protection system

Options Available:

  • Extra Length pressure hose assembly with quick couplers
  • High speed rotating nozzle
  • Wet sandblast system
  • Alternate PSI and GPM ratings
  • Multiple gun capabilities
  • 3 Phase electrical system
  • 50 HZ electrical system
  • Automatic motor shutdown with time delay
  • Stationary mounting or wall mounting

See Product Options for more information.