Tempest Series

Tempest Oil Fired Hot High Pressure Washers (Steam Optional)


Oil Fired Pressure Washers

8 Standard Models: 5 Electric Motor driven, 3 Engine driven

Tempest series machines are the oil fired equivalent of the propane Fury and Super Fury series. With eight models ranging from 1000 PSI (68.9 bar) to 4000 PSI (275.8 bar), these are powerful units that will handle the toughest and most demanding hot pressure cleaning or steam cleaning tasks with ease. They are equipped with high efficiency flame retention oil burners that can use diesel fuel, kerosene, fuel oil and the most common types of jet fuels. All components are premium heavy duty for reliability, performance and long life.

Of the eight standard models, five have premium efficient electric motor drives three are gasoline engine powered. Optional multiple guns can be used and special controls are available. Phosphatizing and acid injection optional features are available as well as custom ratings of flow rate and pressure.

Tempest models are ideally suited and widely used for challenging industrial uses and contractor applications where mobility is needed and oil fuel is preferred.

High powered cleaning performance in a compact and extremely portable design.

Ruggedly built for long life and reliability.

Designed with engineering excellence and carefully manufactured with the highest quality materials and parts.

Standard Features:

  • Triplex ceramic plunger oil bath pumps
  • Heavy duty American NEMA premium motors
  • High efficiency air atomizing oil burners
  • Schedule 80 ASTM-A53-F steel coils
  • Automatic detergent injection system
  • 50 feet of 3/8″ high pressure hose with trigger gun wand
  • Balanced frame design for ease of movement
  • Easy access for routine servicing
  • Low maintenance design
  • Uses kerosene, No.1 oil, No.2 oil or diesel fuel in heater
  • Chemical and scratch resistant powder coating finish applied over phosphate coating
  • Multiple modes of operation – cold high pressure, hot high pressure and steam (optional)

Options Available:

  • Extra Length pressure hose assembly with quick couplers
  • Special length wands
  • Steam cleaning capability
  • Thermostat control
  • 3-phase electrical system
  • 50-cycle electrical system
  • Wet sandblast system
  • Phosphatizing system
  • Automatic motor shutdown system with time delay
  • High speed rotating nozzle
  • Alternate performance ratings (PSI and GPM)

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